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SHR Cardiovascular Webinar Series

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope you are all in good health and coping as well as possible in these difficult and uncertain times. Most Universities around the world are now de facto closed for research and are likely to remain so for a good few months. Scientific conferences are cancelled and we all have serious concerns regarding research progress – particularly our early and mid-career researchers. Over the coming months, with remote working arrangements becoming the norm, many researchers are likely to feel increasingly isolated, until the Covid-19 situation improves. 

In these uncertain times, we need a novel forum for exchange and dissemination of research findings and paradigms. This is why we have decided to launch an “ISHR Cardiovascular Webinar Series“. Webinars will be streamed live via Zoom and for this we request your participation as a speaker and attendee. At the moment our initiative has been targeted for the North American, Latin American and European Section clock-friendly times – but we will record the presentations and make available to all.

If you are willing to give a webinar, please indicate your availability in the GoogleDocs Excel file using the link below. Zoom link will be created for you.

Webinar participation information

  • Webinars will run on weekdays at a fixed time (5pm BST; 6pm CET; 12 noon EDT; 9am PDT).
  • Speakers should aim to give a 30 minutes long webinar, followed by 10 minutes of questions.
  • To attend or deliver a webinar please use the Zoom links in the GoogleDocs Excel file (see above) or in invitational email (to be sent regularly).
  • For instructions on how to participate in Zoom webinars, please click here.
  • Webinars will be recorded (only if the speakers are happy to do so) and the recorded sessions will be posted on the JMCC, MCI and ECI facebook pages. JMCC will feature selected work based on the content. 
  • For any queries regarding Zoom arrangements or other practical issues please contact Davor Pavlovic (

Please pass this invitation on to your colleagues, postdocs and students. We particularly encourage webinars delivered by early and mid-career researchers.

We look forward to hearing all the wonderful science and to continuing exchange of ideas. And perhaps, although prompted by adversity, we may find that our new initiative has an ISHR life moving forward beyond Covid-19!

On behalf of the ISHR European Section Council,

Davor Pavlovic                                                   Mike Shattock 
University of Birmingham                               Kings College, London

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SIRC – Società Italiana di Ricerche Cardiovascolari

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